Founded as a 100% family company with more than 10 years experience in the generators sector, DEMMANS is determined to be an important player in the generator industry worldwide.

Our company, based in Ankara, has the main purpose of adding value to our nation. Transparent corporate governance is continuing activity with its maximum level of customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

DEMMANS serves the customers worldwide with their diesel generatorswith power up to 3000 kVA, as well as trailer type generators, transfer panels, synchronization panels and light towers. DEMMANS will help its customers to meet all the demands of products for ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC, MACHINERY, TOOLS , CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS  & MATERIALS, TEXTILE and APPAREL  PRODUCTS.

DEMMANS  is active especially in the markets of MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA , ASIA-PACIFIC  and Turkey market as well.

Elektric & Elektronic



Machinery & Tools


Pare Parts



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